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Many interim executives are well-placed to take on non-executive, growth advisory, mentoring or coaching roles after a career leading and accelerating change.

They often start in growth and improvement advisory roles, helping to guide management teams of rapidly growing companies. Holdsway offers an immediately available network of these executives to add immediate experience to the leadership teams of emerging, small and fast-growing businesses when they need access to an experienced independent advisor.

Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) are hired because of their breadth of experience often combined with specialist knowledge which provide the board with valuable insight. They will usually stand back from the day-to-day running of a business, collaborating with the executive team to support and facilitate strategic decision-making.

In an earlier stage business, an NED acts as a versatile and entrepreneurial mentor to the board. Accessing such experience can be an invaluable way to fast-track a business through its growth cycle or help the board manage change.

Mentoring and coaching new board members is also in demand. Interim executives’ experience of working in a wide range of companies gives them an invaluable perspective from which to mentor younger executives.

Often with 30 years or more of business leadership and change management experience, these are examples of how NEDs, Advisors, Mentors and Coaches in the Holdsway network can help growing companies:

  • Helping retail and consumer businesses manage growth and achieve results quickly.
  • Supporting, coaching and enabling executive teams to execute their growth strategies.
  • Providing independent and high-integrity support to complex international organisations.
  • Advising private equity on due diligence, strategy development and performance improvement.
  • Guiding companies in analysis and business planning work to enable international growth.
  • Mentoring management teams to work effectively with private equity owners.
  • Managing stakeholder relationships, mentoring management, guiding them through rapid change and turnaround programmes.
  • Offering strategies in improving profit, working capital and identifying growth opportunities.
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