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“And the winner is…”: proudly presenting at CREST21, Surrey’s first sustainable business awards

27th May 2021

Last week, Holdsway presented the Efficiency Champion award as part of CREST21, Surrey’s first sustainable business awards.  These awards represent our community’s determination to influence and lead positive change which can have an impact on a global scale.

“Efficiency is critical to long-term business success and this requires effective change management. We set up Holdsway with the single aim of helping businesses access instant leadership experience to accelerate change, growth and efficiency,” says Holdsway Founder, Nick Diprose.

“We recognised that many companies have the ambition, but not the expertise, to deliver important changes and efficiencies quickly. We enable these companies to hire in ‘heavyweight’ experience on an assignment basis.  It’s a short-term hire with long-term benefits and is highly cost-effective. Above all, it’s a very efficient distribution of resources and knowledge across the UK’s economy.

“Through building strong, long-term relationships with some of the UK’s best interim executives, we’re able to match them accurately to companies when they need to hire change experts rapidly. We’re totally committed to making sure clients hire the right interim, first time. Sustainable relationships mean a sustainable future.

“Expertly selected and rigorously benchmarked, our interim executives have helped accelerate significant efficiencies across all sectors of the economy, from fundraising to health and social care, food production to pharmaceutical manufacture and distribution to name a few.

“Interim executives inspire through positive and courageous leadership, engaging people to deliver sustainable change for good.

“We think that the founders of these awards and those who take part deserve every recognition for their inspirational leadership too.”

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