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Holdsway is Helping Businesses Accelerate Change

7th November 2023

We launched Holdsway ten years ago with a mission to help businesses accelerate change. In his book Leading Change (2012) Dr John Kotter identified common success factors of change leadership. He advises businesses to establish a sense of urgency, build coalitions of action, and communicate and engage with people. We partner with CREST Business Awards because they align with these principles of successful change. Climate is a change we must all now engage with.

We have supported Surrey’s CREST Business Awards since their launch in 2021. These awards, and the events throughout the year, engage a growing number of people and businesses across Surrey, encouraging different thinking and  positive action on climate change. Holdsway’s partnership with CREST makes sense because we are one of the leading suppliers of change leadership expertise in the UK. The interim executives and interim managers we introduce to businesses bring a sense of urgency, change leadership, and engagement with people.

Major change, such as climate, requires rapid action. Interim executives help businesses accelerate through change, bringing pace and expertise developed through years of experience leading businesses through crisis, change, and uncertainty. Our interim executives have launched electric vehicles, and sustainable banknotes, built solar energy infrastructure, and developed accessible medical technology. We call them “Expert Game Changers” because they are the catalysts of change across the economy.

Business leaders recognise the existential threat of climate change, but also the significant opportunities for innovation, operational transformation, new products and services, and new ways of working. Successful change means thinking, planning, then acting. Embracing the challenges and opportunities of climate change will demand change management expertise. Hiring interims for rapid impact is becoming an obvious solution for all types of change.

This year we have sponsored the Sustainability Impact Award, recognising businesses across Surrey making a real impact on people’s lives through their products, services, well-being policies, supply chains, location, investment, or business models. This award sees the highest number of entrants and we salute them all for their positive approach to change.

We’re working with CREST to encourage business leaders to deliver change that will benefit the environment as well as their organisations. Now is the time for businesses across the UK to take climate change seriously, plan for it, then act.

Congratulations to the winner of the Sustainability Impact Award, Waverley Hoppa, and all those shortlisted for the CREST Business Awards and a huge thank you to all businesses across Surrey working towards a sustainable future!

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