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Top Tips for Hiring Interim Executives


Call it the new normal if you wish, but CEOs know that the world of work will be different. Hiring leadership experience and skills fast, and only when needed will enable game-changing growth for their companies. Bringing in interim executives to lead and support time-critical change situations is now de rigueur for ambitious leadership teams.

During the last years, companies have become more sophisticated about bringing in extra leadership experience on an interim basis. With a range of well-developed networks available to them – social media, alumni, advisors and interim management firms – connecting with ‘known’ executives can be straightforward.

But how can you guarantee hiring the right interim – and ensure a successful assignment?

Phil Pavitt, consistently rated as one of the UK’s top 25 CIOs, and now Group Technology and Transformation Officer at Belron hired interim CIO Paul Hobbs, following an introduction from Holdsway. He offers the following top tips on hiring interim executives for success:

  • Be very specific about what you want the interim executive to do.
  • But be prepared to flex once they have arrived and assessed the situation. As an outsider, they see things you can’t from the inside.
  • Give them the authority they need and position their role as an expert.
  • Look beyond the interim’s testimonials and technical ability to check they will be a good cultural fit for your business.

In other words, getting the right fit in terms of competencies and behaviours is as important as being able to deliver the assignment.

Partnering with an interim management firm like Holdsway is clearly an important way to have a choice of known, pre-screened and comparable interim executives – having a choice is the best way to find the most suitable candidate. But it’s equally important that sponsors like Phil Pavitt are clear what they are hiring for, have a clear goal in mind and fully support the work the interim does.

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