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Interims Should Describe Themselves in Just Three Words

11th October 2013

Everything seems to be in threes these days. I was asked by a branding agency friend recently to pick three words to describe Holdsway.  When you think about it, you could use this ‘brain-sharpener’ to describe simply the benefit of almost anything. Even ourselves.

Perhaps you’ve tried this game at the dinner table or phoned Simon Mayo on Radio 2 to sum up your day in just three words. But what seems like a simple word game actually focuses the mind.

What three words would we use to describe ourselves to a stranger, to a friend, to a prospective client so that they walk away knowing us a little more than when we first met? It’s harder than you might think, but well worth it in the end.

That’s the great thing about communicating. The simpler we make it the clearer it becomes.

So how about interim management….the benefits of which are often shrouded in mystery and not presented clearly at all.  I couldn’t think of anything that was clearer. ‘Providing interim leadership’ or, as one senior interim manager described herself to me this week, ‘facilitating the future’. I like that one.  And of course, the ultimate benefit…’every one unique’. Incidentally, this is what makes each interim manager special, and is why we hire them.

The next time you meet an interim manager, ask them for just three words. The best ones understand these days, less is more.

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