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Interim executives, the great accelerators of positive change


Winston Churchill once said, “I never worry about action, but only inaction”. How he would have loved interim executives, the great accelerators of positive change and enablers of business growth. These expert game-changers are defined by action-oriented competencies – and bags of courage.

Churchill had his fair share of helping others to grasp opportunities and capitalise on them following challenging events. Part of this was down to an ability to allow us to believe in him. Interims understand the need to project confidence and self-belief when an organisation approaches a cross-road. They know how to reassure an organisation which wants not just to survive, but to thrive, enabling them to grow.

A talent for establishing rapid credibility is critical when you are an outsider brought in to help deliver positive change. What gives interim executives such believability is the experience of years – enabling and inspiring many other organisations at important times. In other words, they are hired for their expertise – and persistence – in making things happen.

During economic downturns – and upturns – there are always opportunities to grow, improve and innovate. Those who can help inspire and lead successful implementation of these things are always in demand – particularly if they leave plenty of capability in place, as interims do.

Interim executives are mainly hired to help accelerate change which will have a positive outcome for an organisation. Many have certainly handled cost reduction and restructuring programmes. But most are brought in for their uplifting influence on an organisation and its people – and a real sense of urgency, much needed today.

Businesses nationwide have opportunities to grasp. Once decisions have been made, and plans have been shaped, that’s the time to brief an experienced interim executive. Independent, proven and with years of hands-on leadership experience, they’re ready to help deliver positive change across the UK.

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