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Five tips to help clients get the best out of interim executives…


Once you’ve found the right interim executive, don’t waste that investment in time and money – release them to propel your company with their ‘jet-pack’ full of experience!

  • Announce who they are, why they are there and how long they are staying – this will get them off to a flying start and remove any concerns about ‘taking over my job’.
  • Ask them for a detailed review of what they find in their first week – it is a unique opportunity to get high-quality, objective feedback. It also confirms why you’ve hired them.
  • Take them into your confidence – hide nothing when you are briefing them – you are only wasting time and money if they have to peer under every rock to see what is lurking.
  • There is no need to be too formulaic, but you should agree the desired outcomes and the preferred management style, if there is one.
  • Review progress regularly with them. Ask for a written report every week (it doesn’t need to be a chapter), outlining major findings, decisions, and outcomes for the past week and the planned actions for the forthcoming week. It’s a great way to check performance and delivery.

When managing change, the important thing for a client to be clear on, is what help is needed – then decide where to get it from. A ‘Big Four’ firm can give you expert guidance. Interim executives leverage years of their own experience, working with you to manage and deliver change.

Carefully selected, those interim executives who fully understand the interim assignment cycle – how to manage themselves into and out of an assignment effectively – will plan ahead to leave at the agreed time, with a proper handover and a legacy of a better future for your company.

Getting the best from interim executives can propel your business onwards, and upwards!

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