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An ex-rugby player’s focus on the team makes him an excellent interim executive.


There is no room for egos when an interim executive is brought in to help a company manage change.  They bring with them leadership experience from a wide range of organisations and situations, but they don’t rely on status or lofty titles to influence change.

Interim CIO Paul Hobbs recently completed an assignment for Holdsway with global company Belron International. His assignment is an example of an interim executive at their best. With no ego and a job to get done, Paul’s leadership came through engaging others and being able to draw on his extensive experience in CIO roles for large private and public sector organisations.

The enormous selling point of hiring an experienced interim is that they bring with them a ‘virtual playbook’ of expertise. There are no shortcuts to building this up – it’s sheer weight of experience. Combine this with an ability to engage and inspire people and you have a potent mix. Interim management provides instant gratification for companies managing all type of change situations without having to worry about integrating someone into your company structure long term. There’s limited disruption when you bring in someone experienced who’s there to help you.

Paul, an experienced interim and former rugby player puts it best, “An interim executive checks their ego at the door and puts aside personal career ambitions. My focus was on the project and supporting my sponsor. I think it helps being an ex-rugby player. You learn to do what’s best for the team, regardless of the position you’re asked to play.”

In a world where businesses don’t know for certain what’s around the corner, it’s reassuring to know that there is a senior team member – used to coping with change -available when you need them.

Hiring an interim is one of the best decisions you’ll make if you need the expertise of a proven team player now.

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