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A successful private equity deal demands a versatile interim executive


What do you do when a rapidly growing company is aiming for a private-equity sale, but suffers from complex, time-consuming manual business processes that lack scalability?

When the board of a Silverfleet Capital backed fund administration business realised fundamental end-to-end transformation was needed, they hired an interim executive. They had a plan but lacked available expertise in-house to lead it, so bringing in an experienced leader of change whose sole focus was to manage the programme was a no-brainer.

Holdsway introduced Sue Mesher. An experienced interim, she could quickly take expert command, identify what was needed in fine detail and then deliver decisively and confidently. Her experience of leading varied projects in many sectors – covering general management, HR, sales and finance – was typical of successful interims. It meant she had the rare combination of know-how, skills and confidence to tackle anything without being phased. Critical to any successful change programme, Sue had the proven ability to take people with her at pace.

This case study shows how a versatile interim executive can leave a powerful legacy of business transformation and cultural change, enabling successful private-equity transaction and rapid integration.

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