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We've been working with top flight executive interims for as long as anyone in the business and longer than most. So it's no surprise that we have opinions on matters. Follow our thinking here.

THURSDAY 11th JULY, 2019

Interim Executives are Expert Game Changers

Inspired by the game-changing expertise of Chris Robshaw of Harlequins RFC, Nick Diprose, founding partner of Holdsway, explains how experienced interims can help organisations rapidly and effectively change their business game.

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Competition winners from the Holdsway-sponsored Mayford Athletic Football Tournament

Holdsway founding partner, Nick Diprose, presents at Mayford Athletic FC’s end-of-season awards ceremony

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Hot off the press: IIM 2019 survey results

Holdsway is now a Platinum provider of interims in the Institute of Interim Managers survey released today.

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How is the market for interim executives changing?

Nick Diprose, founding partner of Holdsway, shares his years of experience and knowledge in the first in a series of not-to-be-missed videos produced in partnership with Not Actively Looking.

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Holdsway are the headline sponsors of Mayford Athletic Football Club’s 2019 summer tournament

Following the successful sponsorship of Elmgrove Colts FC for the last two years, Holdsway are now working with Mayford Athletic Football Club, a very successful local chartered football club that's championed grass-roots youth football for over 50 years!

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Elm Grove end-of-season sees a new signing

Fifteen men and their dog

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Elm Grove Colts play the SYL Under 18 Final

Another fantastic season for the Holdsway-sponsored local community football team who have ended the season top of the league.

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2019 Institute of Interim Management Survey: voting

The 10th annual IIM independent UK-wide survey is open from 1st-31st May for interims to vote for their preferred interim management provider.

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Webinar: How to succeed as an interim executive

There is one week left to hear this informative webinar produced by Nick Diprose, Founding Partner of Holdsway.

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Elmgrove Colts sponsorship by Holdsway continues for a second year

Continuing to build relationships within the community is important to the vision and values of Holdsway.

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Five tips to help clients get the best out of interim executives…

Read our latest blog to find out how you can optimise your relationship with your interim executive:

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Monday 2nd July, 2018

The 2018 Interim Management Survey results are out!

The eagerly-awaited results of the 2018 Interim Management Survey results were published today. These indicate that Holdsway is the leading gold service provider of interim executives in the United Kingdom!

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Thursday 3rd May, 2018

The 2018 Interim Management Survey

The annual Institute of Interim Management survey is now open, giving you the opportunity to vote for your preferred interim management providers!

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Monday 23rd April, 2018

Myth #5: Interim executives are just like management consultants.

In our latest blog, CEO and founder, Nick Diprose explains the key differences between management consultants and interim executives. Understanding the distinction between the two is critical for successful, sustainable and cost-effective change management.

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Thursday 8th March, 2018

Myth #4: Interim executives must have experience of our industry.

Continuing our popular series on misconceptions about Interims, this week's blog focuses on the false belief that an interim must have industry-specific experience. Nick Diprose, founder and CEO of Holdsway, outlines how breadth of experience in multiple sectors - a feature common in the CVs of the UK's most successful interims - brings originality and innovation into your business. In other words: being an interim executive takes all sorts!

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Thursday 15th February, 2018

Myth #3: Interim executives are too expensive.

In the third of our series of blogs regarding commonly-held misconceptions about Interims, Nick Diprose, founder and CEO of Holdsway, focuses on the perception that interims are expensive. Interims, with a wealth of experience and the capability to hit the ground running, represent incomparable value-for-money for challenging situations of change, crisis or transformation.

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Thursday 1st February, 2018

Myth #2: Immediate availability + some management experience = an interim.

In the second of his myth-busting series, Nick Diprose, founder and CEO of Holdsway, explains that not all 'interims' are equal. Genuine, senior-level interims are a rare breed, who provide experience and expertise in pressurised situations of crisis, change and transition.

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Tuesday 29th January, 2018

Selecting the right interim provider with 7 simple questions.

How do clients select the right interim management provider, when they need help managing change and transition in their organisations?

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Thursday 25th January, 2018

Myth #1: To get the best candidates, engage many interim providers.

In the first of a series of myth-busting, Holdsway Founder and CEO Nick Diprose explains the importance of developing unique interim-provider/client relationships as one of the best routes to engaging a successful interim.

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