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We've been working with top flight executive interims for as long as anyone in the business and longer than most. So it's no surprise that we have opinions on matters. Follow our thinking here.

Thursday 15th February, 2018

Myth #3: Interim executives are too expensive.

In the third of our series of blogs regarding commonly-held misconceptions about Interims, Nick Diprose, founder and CEO of Holdsway, focuses on the perception that interims are expensive. Interims, with a wealth of experience and the capability to hit the ground running, represent incomparable value-for-money for challenging situations of change, crisis or transformation.

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Thursday 1st February, 2018

Myth #2: Immediate availability + some management experience = an interim.

In the second of his myth-busting series, Nick Diprose, founder and CEO of Holdsway, explains that not all 'interims' are equal. Genuine, senior-level interims are a rare breed, who provide experience and expertise in pressurised situations of crisis, change and transition.

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Tuesday 29th January, 2018

Selecting the right interim provider with 7 simple questions.

How do clients select the right interim management provider, when they need help managing change and transition in their organisations?

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Thursday 25th January, 2018

Myth #1: To get the best candidates, engage many interim providers.

In the first of a series of myth-busting, Holdsway Founder and CEO Nick Diprose explains the importance of developing unique interim-provider/client relationships as one of the best routes to engaging a successful interim.

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Friday 9th June 2017

Five Things You Should Know About Interim Executives

Interim managers and executives are experts in managing transition, change, uncertainty or crisis. They are suitably overqualified and used to being hired on an assignment basis to deliver. Here are five key things you should know about interim managers and executives.

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10th April 2017

Deloitte’s report underlines the need for proven interim executives.

Deloitte's report on contractors underlines the need to hire only proven, experienced interim executives when executing a change programme.

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Thursday 16th March 2017

The rise of the Headrenters. Experience is the difference.

The whole purpose of interim management is to facilitate the process of business change and to manage transition and crisis situations by importing specialist skills and experienced during the period. Or to put it more bluntly: bring in a heavyweight to shake things up and add a sense or urgency.

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27th September 2016

Engaging the right interim management firm in seven questions

Choosing the right interim management provider could ultimately make the difference between success and failure of a change situation. Hiring the right interim at the right time will provide crucial competitive difference for your business.

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14th March 2016

A successful interim is a mobile interim

The key to success in any interim assignment is to make sure an interim has the sensitivities and pragmatism to understand and turn cultural differences into business advantage.

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Friday 11th December 2016

You need something done? Ask an interim manager!

Interim management is the embodiment of what’s been called purpose-driven leadership. For true interim management is the deployment of a leader on an assignment basis to manage transition and accelerate change.

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Thursday 28th October 2015

The best interim managers are ‘rock stars’

Once hiring managers have identified top performers they should assess and profile them and then measure everyone else against them. Why change a successful formula? LinkedIn has launched the next generation of its recruiter product, designed for those executives who want to replicate standout or 'rock star' employees. But here's the rub. Finding the best talent is a contact sport.

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Wednesday 28th January 2015

What you should know about interim managers

Here are some plain-speaking answers to the questions clients and interim managers most frequently seem to ask. Interim management is one of the most transparent and direct ways to transfer knowledge, ideas and deliver business change. But there are some things you ought to know.

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Friday 21st November 2014

How much value do interim managers add?

How much value do interim managers add? Adding value is a key requirement of survival and success of an interim. I assess interim managers every day and each time my first questions are “Why were you hired?” and “What legacy did you leave in place?”

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Monday 19th May 2014

Advising vs. Doing…Consultants vs. Interim Managers

Understanding the difference between management consultants and interim managers when you bring in external expertise will save your organisation money and help you maintain control over a project. When deciding how best to resource the various stages of a change, transition or turnaround situation it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the differing services offered.

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Wednesday 14th May 2014

How can interim managers improve their revenues?

To increase the chances of earning more revenue interim managers should be crystal clear about what they do, what they’re good at and communicate that concisely to the right interim management providers. It's about giving them absolute confidence that you are the best interim manager available for the assignment.

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6th January 2014

So you’d like to be a great interim manager?

Exactly how does a prospective client have anything like a 'rock solid' assurance that they are being introduced to a ‘top-notch’ interim manager or interim leader? How does an interim know they are good, or even great? Resounding feedback from previous clients and organisations is the single objective and quantifiable indicator of an interim manager’s ability to deliver results on a consistent basis.

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14th Nov 2013

Can you assess interims by ‘screen test’?

Why are some interim providers filming their candidates? Recent opinion from an expert panel of our Board-level network suggested that regular face to face assessment and feedback on recent assignments is what buyers of interim management really want. A film is just like a snapshot or a photo taken at one point in time. Even Robert de Niro failed his early 'screen tests'.

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11th Oct 2013

Show Your Hand…

What is compelling about hands is that often they have a life of their own. They either reflect what we are saying or they underline what we're really thinking and perhaps not saying. Hands are a great metaphor. Good interim managers are known for ‘getting their hands dirty’. They’re also ‘hands-on' and they'll frequently provide a 'safe pair of hands'.

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11th Oct 2013

Interims Should Describe Themselves in Just Three Words

Everything seems to be in threes these days. Interim Managers can stand out from the crowd by describing themselves clearly and concisely.

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